The Mysterious Cat Who Constantly Raises Its Paws for No Reason

Introducing Keys, the adorable cat who has a rather unique habit that will make you do a double take. Check out these cat photos to witness this quirky behavior for yourself. While we wish we had a clear explanation for it, we can only speculate.

Peter Mares, Keys’ owner from California, was surprised one morning when he saw her throwing her paws up in the air (as if she just didn’t care) and decided to capture the moment in a picture. The following day, she did it again, and he managed to snap another shot. But what is she up to? Is she paying homage to a powerful cat deity that we cannot see? Is she attempting a comical cat stretch to take flight? Or is she eagerly waiting for a double high-five? Well, Peter affectionately calls her Goalkitty, so we can only assume she’s still celebrating Portugal’s victory in Euro 2016. Or perhaps she’s trying to master the famous “Iceland clap.” Whatever the real reason may be, we find it absolutely delightful.

On a more serious note, this behavior likely comes from muscle stretching. Despite the temptation to believe in an alien-worshipping cat, Keys was probably just stretching when Peter captured those amusing photos. Cats love attention, so it’s possible that she continued the gesture in hopes of receiving some praise.

In any case, scroll down to see these amusing cat photos for yourself and witness Keys in action!













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