“Wild Delight: Siberian Zoo Celebrates Birth of Adorable Feline Cubs”

In recent news, Novosibirsk Zoo in Siberia has shared on VK.com that 16 adorable wild kittens were born from three female Pallas’ Cats. Although the exact date of their births was not disclosed, Tatyana Pevneva, the head of the International Cooperation Department at Novosibirsk Zoo, has confirmed that the first female gave birth on June 1, 2020, followed by the second on June 7, and the third on June 11. Interestingly, the litter sizes varied, with one female having three kittens, another having five, and the third having eight. As these cats grow older, their distinct bright blue eyes will eventually change to green and then yellow. While the zoo keeps a close watch on the kittens’ development, it is still too early to determine what their future holds.

The Novosibirsk Zoo is currently home to two delightful Pallas’ Cat kittens that happily frolic in their enclosure. These lovely felines have been a part of the zoo’s family since 1995 and are sent to various zoos globally as a part of international and European programs to aid conservation efforts. Currently, the descendants of these cats can be found across Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Great Britain.

Breeding such cats in captivity is an uphill task due to their high mortality rates, leaving them vulnerable to population decline. Typically, Pallas’ Cats can be found in rocky deserts and semi-arid areas ranging from Central Asia to Mongolia. Unfortunately, these adorable kittens, like others of their kind, face extinction threats due to habitat degradation and hunting for their furs.

All in all, these playful kittens bring joy and offer hope for the survival of their endangered species.

The Novosibirsk Zoo boasts of a Pallas’s Cat mother and two delightful kittens that have piqued the interest of numerous tourists. These cats are a rare sighting since only 12,000 of them remain in the wild in Russia, as per the WWF. In Russia’s zoos, only 30 Pallas’s Cats existed in captivity by the end of 2019, according to Pevneva.
Although the kittens at the Novosibirsk Zoo are still wary of outsiders, including visitors, they occasionally emerge from their hideout for a brief moment before scurrying back to safety. However, zoo staff has observed that the kittens are growing bolder with time, raising the possibility of guests catching a glimpse of them. Hence, if you’re fortunate enough, you may get lucky to see these charming little felines during your visit!

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