“Unleashing the Maine Coon’s Regal Roar: A Tale of a Feline Mistaken as a Lion”

Maine Coon kitten is so big people think it's a lion

Social media platforms are currently buzzing with the latest TikTok post featuring a nine-month-old Maine Coon kitten named Kusa. The owner, Chas, is an active social media user who often shares videos of her furry friends online. However, this particular video showcasing Kusa’s massive size has gone viral, as many viewers think he looks more like a lion than a typical domestic cat. In fact, one TikTok user even compared him to a bobcat. In response, Chas posted another video showing Kusa’s size by holding him up to the camera.

Kusa’s sheer size has left many in awe and wondering whether it’s a massive feline or a miniature lion. One person couldn’t believe that a cat could grow that big while another was impressed and called it “cool.” A third individual was surprised to learn that Kusa is just nine months old and still has room to grow.

Kusa is only nine-months old and is already a huge Maine Coon

Kusa, a Maine Coon, is only nine months old and already a fairly sizable feline! Kusa’s owner, Chas, suggests that this cat breed grows up until the age of four or five. The Maine Coon breed holds the title for the largest domesticated cats on the planet. They can reach an average height of 10-16 inches and span up to 40 inches in length! Despite their size, Maine Coons are renowned for their calm and loving personality. So, if you’re thinking about adopting one, don’t be intimidated by their magnitude – their relaxed and affectionate nature makes them excellent pets.

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