Tiny Kitty Shunned by Mother Cat, Seeks Solace in Cozy Blanket

Runty Kitten Rejected by His Cat Mom, Finds Comfort Swaddled in Blanket

A small kitten, abandoned by his mother, discovered solace and warmth when a kind volunteer from a cat rescue organization gently wrapped him in a cozy blanket.

The little kitten, along with his cat family, was saved by The Cat House on The Kings in Parlier, California. During this time of the year, the rescue organization receives numerous calls from people who have come across stray cats with kittens or lone kittens on their properties. When space and resources are available at The Cat House on The Kings, a no-cage, no-kill sanctuary, they do their best to assist. Harvie Schreiber from the rescue shared with Love Meow that the staff quickly noticed that the smallest kitten in the litter was being neglected by his mother who had stopped caring for him and was pushing him away.

At The Cat House On The Kings, a kitten was in need of constant feeding. Kristen Shepherd, from the Cat House, decided to take him home to care for him. She made sure he was well-fed, kept warm, and gave him the extra attention that bottle-fed babies require. During this time, the staff noticed that the kitten loved being swaddled. It seemed to make him feel secure and cozy.

At The Cat House On The Kings, there is a special place for kittens who need a little extra care to keep up with their littermates. According to Karla Cortez, the Kitten Quarters Supervisor, they are always ready to step in when a mother cat is unable to provide the necessary support. One particular kitten, who was significantly smaller than his siblings, required a lot of tender loving care. Anjanette, one of the caregivers, made sure to provide him with a warm blanket to ensure he got the rest he needed.

Anjanette shared with Love Meow that after adopting a foster cat, she noticed how snug and comfortable kittens feel when swaddled. Wanting to help her new kitty sleep, she gently wrapped him up like a purrito. As she massaged his face, the kitten quickly drifted off to sleep and remained cozy in his purrito cocoon for a while.

At The Cat House On The Kings, Kristen felt it was important for the kitten’s well-being to have a cat mom, so she introduced him to another nursing mother with younger kittens. Despite being seven weeks old, the tiny runt is still smaller than his new siblings, who are only around four weeks old.

At The Cat House On The Kings, Anjanette mentioned that the tuxedo boy is fitting in perfectly with his surrogate family, snuggled up with his mom and siblings. Despite still being small, he’s looking much healthier and has a lot of maturing to do.

At The Cat House On The Kings, Harvie shared with Love Meow that young cat moms often struggle to care for kittens that are underdeveloped or require additional support. It is crucial to have pet cats, community cats, stray cats, and even feral cats spayed or neutered to break the cycle of teenage cat moms giving birth in difficult circumstances. Thanks to the hard work of a team of devoted staff members and a caring surrogate cat mother, the adorable little boy is now prospering.

The curious little cat in need of a name is still seeking one! Keep up with his latest adventures on Facebook. If you’re interested in aiding the rescue missions of The Cat House On The Kings, click on the link to find out how you can contribute. Enjoying cozy snuggles with his younger brothers and sisters, he purrs contently in a bundle of warmth.

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