“The Whisker Wonder of NYC: Meet the Mighty Feline Breaking Records at 28 lbs, Outsizing Bobcats in the Big Apple”

Introducing Samson, a magnificent Maine Coon cat weighing in at 28 lbs and measuring around 4 feet in length. This furry feline not only surpasses the size of most domestic cats, but also rivals wild bobcats in stature. Known as “the largest cat in NYC,” Samson may even hold the title for the world’s biggest cat, as the previous Guinness World record holder passed away in 2013 with a measurement of 4.04 feet.

According to Samson’s owner, Jonathan Zurbel, this adorable cat is not only gentle but also fiercely strong. Contrary to popular belief, Samson is not overweight or fat, but rather a sturdy and muscular cat. Every morning, he patiently awaits outside Zurbel’s bedroom door and immediately jumps onto his belly. This kind-hearted and well-behaved cat is truly a dream come true.

Now, take a moment to marvel at the sheer magnificence of Samson in the photos below.


This magnificent Maine Coon has gained recognition as “New York City’s biggest feline.”


In fact, he could potentially hold the title for being the biggest feline on the planet, since the previous record holder measured only 4.04 feet in length.


Despite his unconventional large size, Samson is in excellent health!


“According to Jonathan, his feline companion is far from being chubby or obese. Instead, he describes him as a robust and muscular Husky-like cat.”


Samson, the epitome of a gentle giant, exudes both sweetness and strength as a remarkable cat.


Photo courtesy: Lisa Lippman
“This adorable creature eagerly lingers outside my bedroom, and once the sun rises, he trots in and perches himself on my stomach.”


“He possesses an incredibly gentle and affectionate nature, and his behavior is exceptional – a true epitome of a well-mannered feline.”


“He’s like a cat out of a fantasy”


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