The Incredible Cat that Struts on Its Hind Legs Like a T-Rex

BuzzFeed News reported that the owner of a cat named Able, who only has two legs, wants his story to inspire others. Able hails from Bangkok, Thailand and had lost his front legs and tail due to an accident involving electrocution. Nevertheless, the 5-year-old tabby is still enjoying life to the fullest.

As per the account of the proprietor, AbleMaew had set out to capture a bird which was sitting on top of an apartment roof. However, things took an unfortunate turn and he unintentionally came in contact with an electrical wire. The story was covered by BuzzFeed News.

Facebook-famous feline AbleMaew faced a tough time after getting electrocuted. The incident left him with serious injuries to his rectum and tail, along with badly damaged front legs that needed amputation. His road to recovery was tough, but the resilient kitty eventually learnt to walk on his own again, starting with using his forehead for support.

AbleMaew is joyfully playing and walking on his hind legs, looking quite similar to the famous dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus rex.

Able, a dog famous on Facebook’s video.php, has piqued the interest of many due to his unique ability to climb stairs and his daily habits. His owner notes that Able loves to munch on snacks and run up and down the stairs, all while spending time with his adopted sibling Fifi.

AbleMaew’s Facebook profile depicts that although he can no longer catch birds, he still relishes watching them from the comfort of his window.

As per the owner’s statement, AbleMaew has a particular liking for birds and finds great delight in watching bird shows on National Geographic TV.

As per the account of his caretaker, Able is a docile cat that does not exhibit any signs of hostility towards anyone. Moreover, the owner is optimistic that Able’s demeanor will serve as a motivation to numerous individuals.

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