The Curious Case of the Paw-Raising Cat

Introducing Keys, the unique pet cat with an interesting quirk. Check out these cat photos to see what we’re talking about. We wish we had a logical explanation for her behavior, but we can only guess.

Peter Mares, her owner from California, witnessed Keys raising her paws in the air one morning (as if she was carefree) and quickly snapped a photo. The following day, the funny cat repeated the same behavior, and he captured another photo. But what could she be up to?! Is she worshipping an invisible cat God that we can’t see? Is she attempting to take off in a comical feline stretch? Is she waiting for a double high-five? Well, Peter has jokingly dubbed her Goalkitty, so we can assume that she’s still celebrating Portugal’s win in Euro 2016. Or maybe she’s trying to imitate the famous “Iceland clap.” Whatever the reason, we find it delightful.

In all seriousness, this behavior is probably related to muscle stretching. While it may not be as amusing as imagining an alien-worshipping cat, Keys was likely just stretching when her owner took the photos. Cats do enjoy attention, so she continued to do it to receive some praise.

So, keep scrolling for the amusing cat photos and witness it yourself!













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