The Adorable Chubby Cat with Human-Like Hands Creates Havoc in the World

With its extraordinary expressions and fantastic props, this adorable cat has stolen the hearts of many. If you have a pet cat, it’s guaranteed that each day will be incredibly exciting. Besides pampering and taking care of your little boss, many people come up with unique and unusual tricks to make their furry friend shine on every front. The lovely lady with a Twitter account named Emma is a perfect example.

I am the owner’s little prank, ladies.
It is known that Emma bought a pair of plastic hands that are proportionate to the front legs of her cat. She then adjusts and arranges them so that viewers see the cat extending its hands instead of its sharp claws. However, what makes the photos come to life is the pose and the expression on the face, which is somewhat mischievous.
After being posted on March 9th, these photos have attracted around 113,000 comments and over 160,000 shares from all over the world. Many people said that the cat with its gray and white fur looks extremely adorable and couldn’t help but laugh. However, there are also some who find the cold gaze and the fake arms a bit eerie and spooky.
Nevertheless, Emma says that she still finds her cat extremely cute and lovable than ever.

May I have a smile from you, and tomorrow I’ll repay it with ten kisses.

I’m really hungry, I could use some fish right now.
(Source: Daily Mail)

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