Say Hello to Izzy and Zoë: A Pair of Adorable Tuxedo Kitties Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

There’s just something about tuxedo cats that I absolutely adore, even though I love all cats. The best thing about these felines is that they come in many different breeds. Take Izzy and Zoë, also known as the “Fluff.” These two British Shorthair tuxedo cats were made to be in front of the camera and are definitely worth meeting.

These lovely feline siblings hail from the same litter and were born on July 12, 2015, sporting distinct and charming tuxedo markings. Currently residing in the Netherlands, they have amassed quite a following on Instagram thanks to their expressive, round-eyed gazes and endearing antics. Fans of these adorable sisters adore Zoë’s heart-shaped chest marking, which she flaunts with pride. As their doting owner attests, these two furballs are completely inseparable, as evidenced by the plethora of precious photos documenting their bond.

As stated on, the two sisters possess unique characteristics. Their owner describes Izzy as a brave and daring feline who craves physical affection. It’s not uncommon for her to curl up on top of her owner while sleeping. Izzy is quite athletic and loves jumping to catch things, with the act of jumping being more enjoyable to her than catching the object itself. Her stealing habits are centered around hairbands, and she enjoys playing outside in the yard. Chicken is her favourite food.

Speaking of Zoë, she has a cautious personality but is also incredibly curious and playful. She’s prone to random bursts of energy, which we affectionately refer to as “the crazies,” during which she’ll jump around and climb on furniture, sometimes even playfully swatting at plants. Zoë has a particular affinity for stealing plastic objects, and while she’s not as overtly affectionate as her feline counterpart Izzy, she still enjoys cuddling in her own subtle way. When it comes to playtime, Zoë loves chasing things on the floor but can also jump impressively high. Her biggest goal is to catch whatever toy or object she’s chasing and hold onto it for dear life. Zoë can be picky about her food, especially when it comes to fish (with the exception of tuna), but adores chicken. However, she is allergic to any dairy products, even those labeled lactose-free.
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Looking for more adorable content featuring Izzy and the Fluff? Don’t miss out on following them on Instagram for regular updates on their cuteness. A big thank you goes out to their owner, Joanne, for allowing us to share these lovely photos with our readers on CattitudeDaily. If you know someone who would love these furry felines, don’t hesitate to share these delightful images with them. All photos featured here are courtesy of Izzy and the Fluff’s Instagram account.

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