Purrfectly Unique: The Story of a Startled Feline Who Captivates Social Media Hearts

A charming feline with a facial condition that gives him a permanently surprised look has become an internet sensation. Natalia Zhdanova, a 40-year-old from Rostov, Russia, discovered Fedya, a weak and sickly stray cat, abandoned in her backyard when he was just a few days old a couple of years ago. Fedya had wonky back legs and misaligned eyes. Natalia decided to take the orphaned animal in and nursed him back to health with the help of her neighbor’s cat, Handsome. Handsome would visit the kitten often, becoming a “father figure” to him. He also appears alongside Fedya on his Instagram page, which has amassed over 4,000 followers since its launch.

Adorable cat Fedya with a facial condition which makes him appear permanently-startled has taken the internet by storm. Pictured, Fedya as a kitten after being taken in by his owner

The internet can’t get enough of the cute and charming Fedya, a cat with a unique facial condition that gives him a look of being constantly surprised. The little feline has captured the hearts of animal lovers everywhere and continues to spread joy online. In the photo, we can see Fedya as a kitten, shortly after he was rescued by his owner.

Natalia Zhdanova, 40, from Rostov, Russia, found weak and sickly stray cat Fedya abandoned in her back garden when he was a few days old. Pictured, Natalia and Fedya at home

When Natalia Zhdanova, a resident of Rostov, Russia, discovered a weak stray cat named Fedya in her backyard a few days after he was born, she decided to take him under her wing. Despite his unusual appearance, which is still unexplained, Natalia suspects that his genetic predisposition or being dropped by his mother while climbing over fences may have caused it. Fedya was on the brink of death when Natalia first found him, but with care and attention from Natalia and her cat Handsome, who acted like a father figure to Fedya, he was able to survive. As an author of educational children’s books, Natalia is unsure if Fedya’s physical abnormalities are due to a genetic deformity or maternal abandonment.

Natalia decided to take in the orphaned animal, gradually nursing him back to health with the help of her neighbour's cat, Handsome. Fedya is pictured with Handsome

Natalia made the compassionate choice of adopting a helpless animal who had lost its parents. She took it upon herself to care for it and nurse it back to health. Natalia received some assistance from her neighbor’s feline friend, Handsome, during this process. The two pets are even shown together in a picture.

Natalia says the cat was 'very weak and was dying' before she nursed him back to health as a kitten

Feyda at home after being nursed back to health

According to Natalia, the cat was in a severe condition and close to death when she took care of him as a kitten. The picture on the left shows Feyda in his weakened state when he was taken in by Natalia. However, with her love and care, Feyda regained his strength and health, as seen in the picture on the right.

The reason for Fedya's unusual appearance is still unclear, but Natalia suspects that it's the result of a genetic condition or being dropped by his mother as a kitten while climbing over fences

Natalia has yet to determine the exact cause of Fedya’s unique appearance, but she believes it could be due to a genetic condition or a fall from his mother as a kitten while leaping over fences. Despite this, Fedya has grown into a healthy adult cat who is sweet, gentle, playful, and intelligent. He also purrs very loudly, which is quite endearing. Additionally, Fedya has managed to forge a close friendship with Handsome, the neighbor’s cat, and they are inseparable. Natalia is thrilled to have such a lovable and lively companion in Fedya.

Fedya is now a healthy adult at one year and nine months and can be seen venturing outside and playing on Natalia's Instagram

Fedya, a young adult who is one year and nine months old, is now in good health! You can observe him playing outdoors on Natalia’s Instagram account.

Natalia posts pictures of Fedya's wonky expression on his Instagram page

She's happily surprised by the reaction his facial condition has had online

On his Instagram account, Fedya’s unusual facial expression caught the attention of over four thousand followers in just a short period of time. Natalia was responsible for sharing pictures of Fedya’s quirky look on the social media platform.

Natalia says she's been pleasantly surprised by the reaction her cat has had online, and says she values her pet's 'kindness and spontaneity' the most. Fedya is pictured at home

When speaking with Bored Panda, Natalia expressed her appreciation for the positive response her cat, Fedya, has received online. She admires her pet’s character traits of kindness and spontaneity the most. Natalia admitted that she and her family were taken aback by the level of popularity Fedya has gained. To them, he is just a regular cat with a distinct look. However, the outpouring of love for Fedya from so many people is heartwarming and motivating for Natalia and her family.

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