Owners Heartlessly Abandoned Their Cat On A Train While He Was Asleep

Owners Heartlessly Abandoned Their Cat On A Train While He Was Asleep

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This sweet white and orange cat named Snowball was living a happy life with a loving family until one day everything changed for the worse. 

Snowball went on a train journey with his human parents, to visit their cousins. Everything seemed fine as usual, and he was thrilled to be on a new adventure with his family.

During the ride, Snowball enjoyed looking through the window, watching the world go by. Eventually, he grew tired and fell asleep on the seat next to his parents.

cat on train looking through the window
Credit: YouTube
But, what happened next was truly heartbreaking. When the train stopped, Snowball’s owners got off, leaving him behind all alone. 

What followed was nothing but a shock. When Snowball woke up, his humans weren’t next to him. He began wandering around the train looking for them, but they were nowhere to be found. 

Snowball started getting anxious. He had no idea what happened and why he was alone all of a sudden. Everyone on the train kept ignoring him while he desperately cried for help, and some passengers even shooed him.

Heartbroken, scared, and hungry, Snowball was left alone to finish the 500-mile train journey. Just as Snowball seemed to lose hope, a kind-hearted woman noticed him and decided to take action.

Initially, the woman assumed the owners had forgotten their cat on the train, but sadly that wasn’t the case.

abandoned cat looking through the window
Credit: YouTube
Moved by his plight, the lovely woman picked Snowball up in her arms, and together they got off the train.

The woman took Snowball to her home, gave him food and water, and he instantly calmed down. Snowball completely relaxed in the woman’s presence as though they’ve known each other forever. 

He snuggled into the woman’s arms, showing her affection and gratitude for helping him when no one else did.

The woman couldn’t understand how anyone could abandon such a loving and affectionate cat. Therefore, she decided to keep him and promised to never let him suffer again.

Despite being heartlessly abandoned, Snowball’s story got a happily ever after. He got a new home, the one place he truly belongs all thanks to a kind woman who welcomed him with open arms when no one else did.

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