“NYC’s Heavyweight Feline: Meet the 28-Pound Cat Who Outweighs Bobcats”

Introducing Samson, a lovable Maine Coon cat from NYC who weighs approximately 28 pounds, making him bigger than the majority of domesticated cats and even bobcats in the wild. This furry feline is roughly four feet long and has been referred to as “the largest cat in NYC.” Samson may even hold the title for the world’s largest cat since the previous Guinness World Record holder passed away in 2013, and Samson measures at 4.04 feet.
According to Samson’s owner, Jonathan Zurbel, this adorable cat is also a tough one, accurately fitting the term “gentle giant.” He is not overweight, but rather a strong and robust cat. Samson likes to wait by his owner’s bedroom door and comes in first thing in the morning to sit on his belly. He is kind, sweet, and well-behaved, making him a dream cat.
Take a look below to see this charming cat for yourself!


This feline from the Maine Coon breed has been affectionately referred to as “the biggest cat in New York City”.


Believe it or not, this feline could potentially hold the title for the biggest cat in existence. Why? Well, the current holder of the record measured in at only 4.04 feet long.


Samson may be an unusually large feline, but his wellbeing is absolutely purrfect!


According to Jonathan, his furry friend is not chubby or obese. Instead, he describes the cat as a robust and resilient Husky.


Samson, the feline companion, is a delightful and formidable creature that epitomizes the phrase gentle giant with precision.


Lisa Lippman is the one who captured the precious moment of her pet waiting by her bedroom door. Every morning, the furry friend would sit on her belly, making it a heartwarming start to the day.


This feline friend of mine has a heart of gold and is an absolute treasure to be around. Not only does he possess impeccable manners, but his gentle nature never fails to brighten up my day.


This feline is truly a fantasy come to life!


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