Meeting the Impish Scamp Wild: The Mischievous Feline Who Discovered His Fairy-Tale Ending

It’s not uncommon for cats to start off life on a rocky road, and sadly not all of them end up with a happy tale. Take Rascal Wild for example, a tuxedo cat from Washington who had a tough start to life. He was discovered as a stray near a busy road, and due to his high-energy behaviour, it was difficult for him to find a permanent home. The area where Rascal was found was not ideal for a cat since it had multiple lanes of traffic, train tracks, and even a cemetery nearby. Perhaps Rascal’s large size and wild personality made him unappealing to potential adopters, or maybe he was just searching for love in all the wrong places since he was un-neutered at the time. When he arrived at the shelter, he was described as lively, spirited, playful, and not yet aware that hands are not playthings. A picture of the location where Rascal was discovered clearly shows how unsafe it was for a feline.

Jim and Cerise showed their kindness by adopting an energetic cat with a unique story. Although the cat wasn’t the most loving or cuddly, the couple felt an immediate connection upon seeing his picture and decided to give him a home. Despite his eccentricities, they knew that he was meant to be with them. As a result, they created a social media page for their attractive new feline, which has now amassed more than 30,000 followers. Their cat’s bio describes him as a charming Seattle-based cat who uses his belly to win over people’s hearts. He also happens to be a big brother to @poly_dumplings.

I had a really enjoyable conversation with the owners of Rascal, and they gave me some interesting details about their mischievous pet. It turns out that Rascal is not your typical cat; he enjoys playing pranks on his owners. Rascal has become so good at luring people in for a belly rub only to surprise them with a quick pounce, that he earned himself the middle name “it’s a trap”. He’s definitely a pro at trapping unsuspecting humans with his irresistible charm. Keep reading to learn more about this playful feline!

When did Rascal join your family? Well, he was actually found roaming the streets as a scruffy and unsterilized tomcat. He was then taken to a shelter where they estimated his age to be around two years old. However, it’s not certain if he was younger or older. But now, after being with his loving family for five years, Rascal has grown into a calm and well-behaved feline and is now a seasoned seven-year-old.

The name Rascal fits this furry friend like a glove! Can you tell me what he was called before you adopted him and how you decided on his current name? “Believe it or not, we decided to stick with Rascal because it just fit his personality so perfectly. We didn’t even think about changing it!” Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get access to exclusive content, like articles, reviews, cat trivia, and more.

Check out this heartwarming snapshot of @poly_dumplings, a 2-year-old cat, cozying up with his feline buddy and begging for some chicken. The owner of the cats revealed that they had initial reservations when adopting the kittens and gradually introduced them to avoid any conflict. In the beginning, @poly_dumplings would hiss and growl at the new additions, and it took six weeks before they finally met face to face. Luckily, things started turning around and now the kittens have become his personal playmates and grooming assistants, with Gyoza playing rough with him while the adorable Gnocchi chases him around. They have become the perfect addition to the family and look fantastic together too!

Do you have any interesting anecdotes to share about him? While he may not be the most trusting cat out there, once he warms up to you, he’s extremely affectionate. Despite his seemingly wild exterior, he also has a sweet and gentle side that is sure to melt your heart. And let’s not forget about his massive, calming purr!

There’s a common belief that tuxedo cats have a unique and sassy attitude. But how would you rate Rascal’s feline personality on a scale from 1 to 10? Well, let me tell you, he’s way beyond the limit with a solid 12! When Rascal first arrived home, he was full of energy and loved to play rough. However, as he’s grown, he prefers to be pampered and brushed. But don’t get too comfortable with him, as he can still get overly stimulated and may give a little nip to let us know he needs space. All in all, Rascal’s cattitude is one-of-a-kind and keeps us constantly entertained!

Rascal is quite the hefty feline, tipping the scales at a whopping 20 pounds! It’s not uncommon for tuxedo cats to be on the larger side, but Rascal takes the cake. I absolutely adore watching his comical behavior, and you can catch all of his shenanigans by following him on Instagram. One photo, in particular, had me in stitches as he tried to lure his owners in for a belly rub, but they were wise to his clever ploy. After all, his “murder mittens” can strike at any moment. The hilarious thing is, my own tuxedo cat pulls the same stunt!

Do you know someone who loves tuxedo cats? Well, Rascal’s incredible story is worth sharing with them. A big thank you goes to Jim and Cerise, Rascal’s owners, for allowing me to share his tale with all of you. I hope you enjoyed reading about Rascal’s journey as much as I did writing it. If you’re still craving more feline fun, don’t miss Rascal’s housemates, Poly Dumplings (aka Gyoza and Gnocchi). These two polydactyl cats are beyond adorable and will surely melt your heart.

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