Meet Narnia: The One-of-a-Kind Cat with a Split Face and Chimera Genetics

Narnia the Cat - Munchiecat

Meet Narnia, the stunning 5-year-old British Shorthair owned by Stéphanie Jiminez. With her electric blue eyes and perfectly split gray and black face, Narnia is a sight to behold. However, there’s more to her than meets the eye. It’s suspected that Narnia has a rare genetic condition called chimerism, and tests are currently being conducted to confirm this. Feline chimeras occur when two kittens fuse together in their mother’s womb, resulting in a unique kitten with its own DNA and that of a second kitten. Narnia was born on March 28, 2017, at the Chatterie de la Grâce, a no-cage cattery in Paris, France. Stéphanie fell in love with British Shorthair and British Longhair cats in 2010 because of their resemblance to baby bears. Narnia’s sweet, kind, and intelligent nature only added to Stéphanie’s love for the breed. All photos of Narnia are courtesy of Stéphanie Jiminez.

Narnia the Cat From Birth to Adulthood

Meet Muscari D’Aerlin, a lovely red tabby cat with unique eyes and long hair, who happens to be the father of Narnia. His mother, Jeen, is a beautiful blue British Shorthair from Chatterie de Virvarnon. Narnia was named after Stéphanie’s favorite book series, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, and she followed the tradition of naming her cats with the letter “N” that year.

Narnia, the famous two-faced cat, was born as part of the British Celestia project, created by Sophie Guittonneau from Aerlin Cattery with LOOF’s approval, France’s only recognized cat registry. The goal of this project was to breed British Shorthairs with striking blue eyes.

Munchiecat - Collage of Narnia

Stephanie was fully aware of how stunning her cat, Narnia, looked and she wanted the world to see it too. In June 2016, she decided to create an Instagram account for him. Although many have questioned whether Narnia’s unique looks are real, people are often left speechless and surprised upon seeing him for the first time.

Narnia is a seasoned show cat who has competed in various shows across France, Belgium, and Switzerland. He even won a World Bloggers Award in 2019. Despite his impressive achievements, Narnia’s personality is friendly and gentle, and he is incredibly soft to touch. However, when he’s placed in unfamiliar surroundings, he can be quite timid. Stephanie has a special bond with Narnia and lovingly refers to him as her “little baby.”

Narnia Kittens

Meet Narnia, the adored cat who enjoys spending time playing with catnip toys and indulging in mashed potatoes. He shares his home with his partner Bella, a stunning grey and gold-coated cat with gorgeous brownish-gold eyes. Together, they have nine kittens who often inherit Narnia’s signature blue eyes and white markings. Although their faces may not be two-toned like Narnia’s, they are just as charming. In addition to his feline family, Narnia also shares his home with a mini Lop Plush rabbit named Peluche, who he was initially afraid of but now considers a great friend. Narnia’s closest companion is a long-haired Chihuahua named Aslan, appropriately named after the talking lion in The Chronicles of Narnia series. If you’re interested in learning more about the British Shorthair breed, check out our informative graphic.

British Shorthair Profile Infographic | Munchiecat 2022

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