Massachusetts Mischievous Cat Rescued After Getting His Head Stuck In An Iron Storm Drain Cover

Massachusetts Mischievous Cat Rescued After Getting His Head Stuck In An Iron Storm Drain Cover

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Cats are famous for being very curious and always getting into trouble. Unlike dogs, they don’t always know when something dangerous is nearby. 

This curiosity can sometimes get them into tricky situations, just like what happened to a playful cat named Calvin.

On a Tuesday morning at 7:30 am, a resident saw Calvin’s head sticking out of the drain by their driveway. This made them very worried, so they quickly called the town for assistance. 

cat stuck in storm drain
Credit: Swansea Animal Shelter Volunteers
Before long, a group of police officers, highway workers, and animal control officer Lisa White arrived on Harbor Road to rescue Calvin.

At first, Calvin attempted to escape from that small hole, but he didn’t succeed. The poor cat could only let out weak meows as the people trying to help him thought of ways to rescue him.

However, understanding that using force wouldn’t work, the rescuers made a careful plan to take off the heavy metal grate, and they took both the grate and Calvin to the Mass-RI Veterinary ER.

Lisa safely buckled Calvin in the backseat and drove carefully, making sure he was safe rather than driving fast. 

When they finally got to the animal hospital, the vet team was already waiting in the parking lot to help, and Calvin was sedated right away for the tricky procedure. 

It was a nerve-wracking moment, and they weren’t sure what would happen next, as Lisa shared for The Providence Journal:

“We were told, ‘This doesn’t always go well. Keep your fingers crossed.’”

cat getting rescued
Credit: Swansea Animal Shelter Volunteers

Luckily, the rescue went really well! With the help of soap and other lubricants, the vets were able to set Calvin free from his metal trap. 

Later, he had a really detailed check-up, and they guessed that he was around 1 or 2 years old.

Even though he must have been freezing, exhausted, and had some scratches from trying to escape, Calvin came out of the whole thing without any injuries.

However, even though he was rescued successfully, Calvin wasn’t too happy about being at the Swansea Animal Shelter. 

He was a bit grumpy while he was there. But when his owner showed up the next day to take him home, he was over the moon with joy. His mom’s arrival made him so happy!

In the end, nobody really knows how Calvin ended up in this situation. Lisa thinks that maybe he went into the drain from the beach close by, either because he was being chased or just got lost. 

On top of that, she learned from Calvin’s owner that he has a mischievous side, as she mentioned:

“I feel like it won’t be the last time we see him. He’s one of those cats who will probably use up all of his nine lives.”

photo of rescued cat
Credit: Swansea Animal Shelter Volunteers

Luckily, Calvin’s story ended happily and it’s all thanks to the fast actions of the resident, police, highway department, and animal control.

Even though Calvin’s love for adventure is charming, I really hope he learned a lesson (or nine!) from this experience. So, let’s hope his future adventures are safer and less drain-related!

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