“It’s because I only have one eye that no one looks at and wishes me a happy birthday.”

Navigating the annual celebration of my birthday carries a poignant undertone, as the unique circumstance of having only one eye often results in a subdued acknowledgment. The lack of attention and birthday wishes from others is a stark reminder of the challenges that come with being visually distinct. While many anticipate joyous greetings and warm embraces on their special day, my experience deviates, veiled in the solitude of an unacknowledged celebration. It’s not the absence of festivities that weighs heavy, but rather the unnoticed nature of my birthday that adds a touch of isolation. The singular eye, a physical characteristic that sets me apart, inadvertently becomes a barrier to the typical social rituals of birthday acknowledgment. Yet, within the quiet reflection of this solitude, there lies a resilience forged through self-appreciation and a unique perspective on life. Though the world may overlook this annual milestone, I find solace in celebrating my existence, embracing the distinctive journey shaped by my singular gaze.

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