Introducing Yoda: The Unconventional Feline with Four Ears

Imagine if the caped crusader himself had a feline companion, it might resemble this adorable creature. Meet Yoda, a quirky household pet with not one, but two extra ears! The charming cat found its forever home with Valerie and Ted Rock, who welcomed him into their lives two years ago. Yoda’s journey to the Rocks’ home began at a bar near their Chicago residence, where he was passed around by curious patrons. He was part of a large litter, and his owners were looking for someone to take him in.

Yoda the four-eared cat

Meet Yoda, the extraordinary two-year-old house cat with four ears! His owners fell in love with him immediately and asked if they could adopt him from his previous owner. They named him after the iconic Star Wars character because of his unique pointy ears. Valerie and Ted, who had recently lost their cat of over 20 years, were initially hesitant to get another cat. However, when Yoda crawled up onto Ted’s shoulder and fell asleep, they knew it was meant to be. After taking Yoda home to their Illinois residence, Valerie decided to have him examined by a local veterinarian.

Valerie Rock and Yoda the four-eared cat

Valerie Rock became the owner of Yoda after finding him being passed around a bar in Chicago. However, when she took him to the vet, they were perplexed by his unique appearance. After researching, they discovered that Yoda was a type of four-eared cat that originated from Germany, and his extra flaps were located separately from the base of his skull. Due to his distinctiveness, Yoda is kept as an indoor cat and has a chip installed in case he gets lost or catnapped. Despite his unusual looks, Valerie assures that Yoda’s behaviour and hearing are normal, and people often do a double-take when they see him. It’s great fun showing him off!


Yoda, the feline character from Star Wars, inspired the name of a unique cat with four ears. Despite some people questioning whether his ears were surgically altered, Yoda is a friendly and inquisitive cat who brings joy to his owners. He is not afraid of anything and enjoys being sociable. However, Yoda has a peculiar fascination with bread and his purrs are not audible. His meows are soft and infrequent, which is actually a good thing. Overall, Yoda is a perfectly normal and affectionate cat who is loved by his owners.

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