Introducing Xafi Auri: Two Enchanting Russian Blue Felines with Mesmerizing Identical Eyes

Let’s all agree that cats possess quite extraordinary eyes. Regardless of their color, us feline enthusiasts are naturally captivated by the enchanting orbs on our beloved cats’ faces. Xafi and Auri, two female Russian Blue cats, boast stunning emerald green eyes that have attracted a multitude of followers on social media. Brace yourself for double the delight and double the amusement with these adorable Russian Blue darlings, whose eyes are nothing short of magnificent!
Introducing Xafi and Auri, two feline friends whose piercing green gazes are simply breathtaking. In my opinion, Xafi and Auri were destined to be subjects of beautiful photographs! Meet Xafi on the left and Auri on the right.

xafi   auri

Take a moment to observe those adorable creatures! The vibrant green shade of their eyes wonderfully complements the glistening, opulent texture of their coats.

xafi   auri

In the charming town of Reading, England, there reside two adorable feline companions who are distinguished by their stunning blue coats. Accompanied by their loving humans, these fabulous cats share their cozy abode with a fellow furry friend named Errol. While Errol may not be related by blood, he is an absolute stunner with his mesmerizing Somali cat features.

In my opinion, Xafi Auri seem destined to capture the camera’s attention!

Curious to learn more about these two adorable Russian Blue feline darlings? Let’s dive into their captivating tales as shared by their devoted owner on the “About Us” section of their website.

Meet Xafi, the lovely feline on the left, and Auri, the charming cutie on the right. Both of them are what people refer to as “American Type” Russian Blue Cats. These remarkable cats are highly regarded for their distinctive “blue” coat, which is short, dense, and adorned with silver-tipped fur. On top of that, their striking emerald green eyes and mysterious smile only add to their enchanting allure.

It’s worth mentioning that there are two other variations of Russian Blue cats: the Scandinavian Type and the British Type. However, let’s not confuse the British Type with the British Shorthair cat, which is sometimes referred to as the British Blue.

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Xafi   Auri

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We American Varieties are quite different from other breeds when it comes to our physical characteristics. We have a unique built, coat color, and eye and ear shape. Our bodies are smaller and longer, our fur ranges from light blue to silver, and our ears are wider with more rounded eyes.

Russian Blue Cats, on the other hand, have a reputation for being gentle, intelligent, and independent. They love to perch on shoulders and even have the talent to play fetch like a puppy. Instead of meowing, they often make chirping sounds, but in general, they are relatively quiet cats.

If you’re a fan of Russian Blue kitties and can’t get enough of them, make sure to follow XafiandAuri on Instagram for more adorable pictures of these lovely cats! And if you want to delve deeper into the world of Russian Blue cats, check out my dedicated article on these stunning gray felines. You can also watch the video below to learn more about them.

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