“Grandma Mabel’s Enchanting Crochet Kitty: A Delightful Story of an Aging Grandparent’s Artistic Pursuit”

Viral Photo Of Giant Cat Crocheted By Elderly Lady Is Actually Fake

The Facebook page, Feedy, recently showcased a series of captivating photographs featuring an 80-year-old grandmother and her giant crocheted cat. While many viewers were impressed by the striking realism of these images, I personally suspect that they were created using artificial intelligence and photo editing techniques. It would be incredibly challenging to handcraft such massive cats, as it would require an enormous amount of resources, time, and skill. Instead, it would be simpler to produce a normal-sized cat and then enhance its size through digital manipulation. Furthermore, one of the photos features the woman’s left hand appearing disproportionately long, which is likely a mistake made during editing.

The photo editing skills showcased in these images are truly remarkable, but the identity of the creator remains a mystery. Initially, I thought the artist could be a man from China, but it seems I was mistaken. Interestingly, some Chinese individuals appear in the videos that accompany the images. However, I have an exciting update – I discovered the creator’s identity on Instagram! She is Lydia, a talented Ukrainian woman who is not only skilled in photo editing but also in crochet. The images themselves have spread across various social media platforms, including Russian and Chinese websites. Surprisingly, despite using the internet daily, this is my first time encountering them.

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