“From Black to Marble: The Unique Transformation of a 19-Year-Old Cat with a Rare Skin Condition”

In 1997, a man named David purchased a black cat without realizing that its fur would one day develop a unique marble pattern. He recalls meeting the cat, named Scrappy, and feeling drawn to him despite his siblings being considered cuter. As Scrappy grew older, his coat began to turn white due to a rare genetic mutation called vitiligo. Despite this, Scrappy is healthy, happy, and still active at the age of 19, earning him the nickname “street ruler” for his scrap-picking skills. Although he can be a diva and grumpy at times, David adores his pet and is the only person allowed to rub Scrappy’s belly.


Despite his endearing appearance, we were uncertain if he would be perceived as equally adorable compared to his other siblings.


I chose Scrappy because I had a feeling that he might not get picked by anyone else, and I didn’t want him to be left behind.


At the ripe old age of 7, my beloved feline companion started developing a white patchy coat. After some research, it seems that this is likely due to a condition called vitiligo that affects the skin.


The feline’s well-being remains unaffected, and the elderly cat, who is 19 years old, is doing remarkably well!


Yes, that’s the origin of his name: “Even though he’s old, he scavenges with the cats in the area.”


One might say that he dominates the neighborhood.


“Scrappy is quite the character! He can be a bit of a diva when it comes to taking photos, often turning his head away from the camera.”


There are moments when his mood can be on the grumpy side.


My furry friend tends to disturb my slumber with his incessant meowing. It happens unexpectedly, and he’ll often demand to be released outside.

19-Year-Old Black Cat Turns Into A Marble Beauty, Most Likely Due To A Rare Skin Condition

Regardless, the man loves his furry companion and expresses that Scrappy shows a great deal of affection towards him.


Scrappy only allows the man to give him belly rubs.


It’s hard not to feel envious of the stunning ‘nordic god’ cat, despite their grumpy demeanor. Their beauty is simply captivating.


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