Encounter Rascal Wild: An Energetic Kitty Who Finds His Well-Deserved Fairy Tale Ending

Our furry feline companions often don’t have the easiest start in life. Sadly, many of them don’t end up with the happy ending they deserve. Take Rascal Wild, a tuxedo cat from Washington state, for example. He had a rough beginning, being discovered as a stray near a bustling road, and his journey to finding a forever home was filled with obstacles because of his lively and mischievous nature.

Rascal’s owners shared their experience, explaining, “When we looked up the place where he was rescued on Google maps, we were shocked. It was definitely not a suitable environment for a cat! The area was surrounded by multiple lanes of busy traffic, train tracks, and even a cemetery. Perhaps Rascal was abandoned because he wasn’t a cute, cuddly kitten anymore but a wild, big boy. Maybe, being unneutered, he was searching for love in all the wrong places, and his previous owners didn’t know how to locate him. When he arrived at the shelter, they described him as feisty, excessively energetic, and constantly getting into trouble because he hadn’t been taught that hands are not toys.”

As shown in the image, the location where Rascal was found was certainly far from safe for a cat.

Luckily, when Jim and Cerise discovered his tale, they were more than willing to embrace and welcome this lively feline into their lives. It didn’t matter to them that he wasn’t particularly affectionate or a fan of cuddles, as they instantly felt a deep connection with his story and photograph. From that moment, they knew that he was destined to be a part of their family. As the saying goes, the rest is now part of their shared history!

Inspired by their new furry companion, Jim and Cerise decided to create a social media account dedicated to him. To their delight, this handsome cat from the Seattle area has amassed a growing fan base of over 30k followers and counting. His bio on the platform states: “An attractive feline residing in Seattle, known for his charm and ability to captivate people with his adorable belly. Proud big brother to @poly_dumplings.”

I had the pleasure of getting in touch with Rascal’s owners and had the opportunity to ask them a series of questions. They were incredibly gracious and provided me with detailed answers. If you’re interested, continue reading to discover more about this energetic feline who absolutely loves playing pranks! In fact, he’s garnered the nickname “it’s a trap” due to his cunning knack for pretending to want a belly rub, only to surprise attack you instead. In essence, Rascal is an expert at trapping unsuspecting victims with his adorable belly act.

What was Rascal’s age when you brought him home?
“When Rascal was discovered, he was a free-spirited, unaltered tomcat and the rescue organization that rescued him approximated his age to be around 2 years old. (There’s a chance he may have been slightly younger, although the exact details remain unknown.) Currently, he is a wise and serene seven-year-old, having grown considerably more composed throughout the last five years.”

It appears that his chosen name suits him perfectly. Tell me, what was his original name when you first brought him home, and how did you come up with his permanent name?
“Rascal was the name given to him at the shelter, and it’s quite appropriate considering his mischievous nature. We didn’t need to think twice about it.”
(A glimpse at Rascal’s kennel card:)

What is the dynamic like between Jinxy and his cat siblings? At 14 years old, Jinxy seems to have a civil relationship with them. Although they may not be the best of friends, there is a mutual respect between them. While deep down, Jinxy might have a preference for being the sole cat in the household, there’s a hidden affection that he holds for all his furry siblings.

Look at this guy, hanging out with his feline companion and shamelessly pleading for some delicious chicken. At just two years old, meet @poly_dumplings:

“When we first decided to adopt these kittens, we were pretty nervous about how our existing cat would react. So, we took things really slowly during the introduction period. Our cat would growl and hiss whenever he approached their room, so we kept them separated for a good six weeks. But now, things have completely turned around, and they’ve become the best of friends. Our cat has found himself some personal groomers and playmates. He engages in play fights with Gyoza, while little Gnocchi, weighing only eight pounds, chases this big boy around the house. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family. And to top it all off, they all look absolutely adorable together!”

What is a distinctive aspect you’d like others to be aware of about him?
“While he may initially be wary of people, once he deems someone trustworthy, his affection knows no bounds. There’s a concealed gentle facet to his nature that counterbalances his untamed demeanor, accompanied by a robust, resounding purr.”

According to popular belief, tuxedo cats are notorious for their distinctive feline demeanor. On a comparative scale of 1 to 10, how would you assess Rascal’s display of such cattitude?
I would say it goes beyond the highest mark, reaching a twelve! Upon his arrival at our household, Rascal emitted an immense amount of energy and derived great excitement from ambushing and occasionally playfully biting us. However, as time went by, he developed a newfound fondness for being groomed and receiving affection, but only when he feels like it. It should be noted, though, that Rascal occasionally becomes overstimulated and may exhibit light nipping as a way of expressing that he has had enough attention for the moment, craving some well-deserved personal space.

Rascal certainly embodies the image of a hefty feline, as he proudly boasts a weight of 20 lbs. However, this is not uncommon for tuxedo cats, as they often possess a commanding size and presence.

If you’re as infatuated with Rascal’s hilarious escapades as I am, then you’re surely eager to stay updated on his daily shenanigans through his Instagram page. Trust me, he never fails to entertain!

In one particular snapshot, Rascal can be seen attempting to lure his humans into giving him a belly rub. Yet, they remain vigilant, fully aware that his innocent request may quickly escalate into a flurry of paw swipes. It’s amusing to observe, as my own tuxedo cat exhibits the same cunning behavior!

If you have a friend or acquaintance who just adores tuxedo cats, be sure to pass along Rascal’s extraordinary tale! I want to extend a heartfelt appreciation to Rascal’s doting owners, Jim and Cerise, for granting me the privilege of sharing Rascal’s charming story with all of you. My hope is that you found both the story and Rascal himself to be as delightful as I do.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to take a peek at Rascal’s fellow feline housemates, known affectionately as the Poly Dumplings or the Gyoza Gnocchi. These adorable polydactyl cats are an absolute treat for anyone who swoons over cuteness. They are sure to capture your heart!

The pictures featured in this content have been generously provided by the talented rascal_wild on Instagram.

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