Discover 14 Surprising Facts About Maine Coon Cats You Didn’t Know!

Maine Coon Cats are also known as gentle giants, making them one of the world’s most popular cat breeds. Aside from growing to nearly 20 pounds and 40 inches long, and their coat can be long or medium length, there are lots of interesting facts about them that will surprise you.

Here 14 facts you didn’t know about Main Coon Cats.


#1 This is one of the largest domestic cat breeds

Maine Coon Cat resting on the couch

#2 These cats don’t meow, they trill

Maine Coon Cat in a blue sky*wink*

#3 Maine Coon cats can eat all day long!

Maine Coon Cat in the kitchen looking at what its owner is cookingNext, it adds sugar…

#4 They are really friendly cats

two Maine Coon Cats staringJust staring into your soul

#5 These cats don’t mind playing fetch

white Maine Coon Cat catching its toy at the

#6 Oh, and they love to swim

Maine Coon Cat swimming in the poolJust keep swimming…

#7 Maine Coon cats use their paws too much, even when they eat!

stretching Maine Coon CatWake up and streeetcchhh

#8 They really love their owners and want to spend a lot of time with them

girl hugging its black Maine Coon CatIt will be fun they said…

#9 These big cats are wary of strangers

gray Maine Coon Cat sitting and staringAww. thanks

#10 It is easy to take care of them

white Maine Coon Cat resting on a couch beside its owner

#11 They are shedding a lot and their long hair is everywhere

black and grey Maine Coon Cat resting on the floorThe perfect cat doesn’t exi-

#12 Maine Coon cats are great hunters and known as mouser cats

Maine Coon Cat with a mouseUngrateful human, it was a gift…

#13 They are known as the longest living cats ever


#14 They like to sleep so much!

sleeping Maine Coon Cat on a chairSo much to do that I fell asleep…

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