“Chillin’ with Bowie: The Stylish Tuxedo Cat with Eyes that Wow”

Every cat has their own unique charm, but there are certain felines that just captivate you with their irresistible appeal. When I first met Bowie, I was absolutely spellbound by his gorgeous appearance. I have a feeling that you will be too!
Introducing Bowie The Tuxedo Cat, a special kitty with heterochromia, sporting the most mesmerizing blue and gold eyes you’ve ever laid eyes on.

With his stylish long tuxedo coat and unusually large whiskers, Bowie the Tuxedo Cat is truly a one-of-a-kind feline. He was rescued from PAWS in Washington state, where his current owners instantly fell in love with him, even before seeing his captivating eyes. Bringing him home was an easy decision, and they chose a name that suited his cool vibe and striking gaze. Since then, Bowie has become a beloved member of the family, known for his laid-back attitude and his love for the simple things in life, like leisurely strolls to his food bowl.

Bowie, also known as Bow, is becoming quite the Instagram sensation, and it’s not hard to understand why. This feline is just a joy to behold! With his effortlessly photogenic nature, it’s clear that he’s a natural at striking a pose. Based in Seattle, Washington, Bowie shares his home with his humans and his fellow feline Olive. When he’s not caught up in a cat nap, you can find him showing off his charismatic charm for the camera or indulging in some casual bird-watching.

If this picture isn’t shouting “attitude” then I’m not sure what does. Tuxedo cats are certainly known for their abundance of cattitude!

On his Instagram profile, it states that he goes from sour to sweet, suggesting that this cat has a lot of personality. Scarlett French, the proud owner of this incredibly cool cat named Bowie, graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions. Here’s what she shared about her feline companion…

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