“Big Love: The Inspiring Tale of a Rescued Cat’s Journey to Becoming a Beloved Housemate”

During their visit to the Humane Society of West Michigan, Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman were originally planning on adopting a kitten. But when they laid eyes on Bronson, a 33-pound orange cat who was three years old, they knew they couldn’t leave without him. Despite being noticeably larger than the other cats in the shelter, the couple found Bronson incredibly charming and affectionate, like a giant plush toy.

Bronson the fat cat at the Michigan humane society

Mike Wilson and his partner Hanneman were eagerly waiting in line at the shelter to meet Bronson, a massive cat. Unfortunately, they had to leave without even speaking to the shelter staff due to work commitments. But the memory of Bronson stayed with them all day as they couldn’t stop discussing him. They were worried someone would adopt him before they could get back to the shelter. As soon as they could, they hurried back to find Bronson still waiting for them. They felt relieved that he was still available for adoption and were grateful they didn’t miss out on the chance to take him home.

Bronson the fat polydactyl cat

Meet Bronson, a youthful feline who found his way to the humane society following the passing of his senior owner. His previous human companion had dubbed him with the moniker “Fat Kat” due to his excessive weight gain. Upon arriving at the shelter, the staff felt it necessary to change his name to reflect the seriousness of his obesity. Despite being surrounded by several other animals in his former home, Bronson was a loner and kept mostly to himself. It remains unclear how he became so overweight at such a young age, but workers at the shelter speculate that he may have been consuming too much kibble or indulging in table scraps.

Bronson the cat being held by a vet tech

During an interview with Mike Wilson and his spouse Hanneman, the interviewer expressed concern about the health risks associated with adopting their potential pet cat, Bronson. Due to his size, the interviewer warned the couple about the possibility of developing health complications such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Consequently, the couple would need to help Bronson lose weight gradually through diet and exercise. Furthermore, Bronson’s weight made it tough for him to clean himself, which meant that they would have to brush him daily to maintain proper hygiene. Despite the oily texture of his fur, the couple was smitten with Bronson’s affectionate personality and decided to adopt him.

Bronson and his owner Megan Hanneman

Mike Wilson shared that he encountered an unkempt and dandruff-ridden man, largely caused by his difficulty with self-care due to his size. Feeling sympathy for the man, Mike expressed a desire to bring him to his home, tend to his cleanliness, and offer him care.

Before moving to his new home, Bronson was not known for being very sociable. However, since becoming acquainted with his two feline siblings, he has become much more friendly and outgoing. His newfound companions have encouraged him to explore the house and play with the toys scattered throughout. Bronson’s owners are thrilled to see him coming out of his shell and shedding his once-shy demeanor. Initially, when they first brought him home, he would spend most of his time in the bedroom doing his own thing. But now, he eagerly awaits their return by the door alongside his furry siblings, rushes to the kitchen at the sound of noise, and enjoys spending time with them during the day. In short, he has transformed into a remarkably sociable cat.

Bronson the cat eats with his cat siblings

Mike Wilson reported that he and Hanneman are taking care of Bronson, the cat, at present. Though Bronson has not shed much weight as of yet, Wilson mentioned that he is on the path to becoming a more energetic feline once again. Wilson went on to explain that Bronson’s weight loss journey has been going smoothly, and there have been noticeable changes in his body shape, particularly in his arms and shoulders. Before, Bronson’s front legs would give in when he jumped down from the couch, but now he can jump without any trouble.

The creators of unique wall-mounted furniture that motivates indoor cats to stay active have recently taken in a hefty feline named Bronson, weighing 33 pounds. Although they initially intended to test their designs on a kitten, the couple couldn’t resist the charm of this oversized pet. They are looking forward to introducing Bronson to their innovative furniture once he reaches a healthier weight. According to owner Mike Wilson, once Bronson sheds enough weight to safely take flea and tick medication, they plan to take him for walks outdoors. Clearly, the future looks bright for Bronson as his lifestyle is bound to change in the coming year.

Meet Bronson, a dog that attracts attention wherever he goes due to his size and affectionate demeanor. His friendly nature captivates those who meet him, making them unable to resist petting him. Wilson, his owner, shares that even the staff at the vet’s office fell in love with him, with numerous vets and technicians coming to greet him. Wilson feels lucky to have such an adorable companion.

Every time Mike Wilson’s parents come across Bronson, a big and cuddly cat, they can’t help but give him a good pet. But they soon discovered that even Bronson has his limits despite always seeking attention. Mike confesses that it’s challenging to resist giving Bronson some love when passing by, but sometimes the cat just grunts and turns around when he’s had enough. According to Mike, Bronson is like a celebrity because of the tremendous amount of attention he receives.

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