“An Incredible Story of a Feline’s Metamorphosis: From Vibrant Green to its True Fur, During its Adventures in a Bulgarian Village”

Update: The lovable feline chameleon has made the decision to revert back to her initial look, with only a few striking green marks on her ears, eyes, and torso.

Bulgaria The Green Cat Is Back

The superstition surrounding black cats is well-known, but have you ever heard of a green cat? Well, if you ever find yourself in Bulgaria, keep an eye out for an emerald-colored feline that’s been turning heads since 2014. This stylish stray has a fabulous and unique fur coat that captures the attention of tourists. You might spot her in the charming seaside town of Varna, where she roams with another adorable feline friend. Locals were initially concerned that someone had cruelly painted the cat green, but it turns out that the kitty simply slept in an old paint barrel, causing her fur to turn a magical shade of green.

After careful examination, cat enthusiasts have deduced that the feline must have used a safe food or textile dye to color her fur. This conclusion was reached because the cat remained in good health and her coat displayed a consistent coloring. Once it was confirmed that the cat was not in any danger, both locals and tourists became excited about the kitty’s unique feature and offered her treats in exchange for a glimpse of her peculiar fur. Currently, with the help of animal advocates and a new favorite resting spot, the cat has returned to her original coloring, except for a few bright green highlights around her eyes, ears, and chest. While not everyone may be drawn to her new appearance, we still find this furry friend to be utterly wonderful.

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