Alice: The Enchanting Feline with Mesmerizing Marble Fur

Introducing Alice, the stunning feline who exudes beauty that words can’t truly capture. Just take a look at her regal and fluffy poses – she’s definitely the queen of the house!

Alice, a 6-year-old Persian mix, is quite particular about her food and personal space. According to her owner, Yara, she has a sassy attitude and craves attention, but only on her own terms. She’s not a fan of being touched or carried unless she initiates the contact.

The fashionable feline loves to show off her stunning appearance by wearing fancy collars, including one adorned with crystals. Alice is also quite the jet-setter, having lived in four countries – Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Netherlands, and England. She even has her own passport and travels by plane with Yara.

To see more of Alice’s adventures, check out her Instagram page!


For some undisclosed reasons, they couldn’t hold onto her, but Yara, her new mother, is overjoyed to welcome her into the family.


How could anyone resist? That amount of regal fluff is just too adorable to ignore!


According to Yara, she has a strong personality and enjoys being the center of attention, but only when it suits her.


She prefers not to be petted, picked up, or touched unless she initiates contact first.


While she may not be the most affectionate feline, she enjoys being in the company of humans.


“She thoroughly enjoys making new acquaintances and will quickly approach them, purring and seeking out affection.”


“She’s friendly with other cats as long as they allow her to take the lead.”


“She enjoys rocking stylish neckwear – from a blinged-out crystal collar to a variety of chic bow-ties and trendy bandanas in her collection.”


“Her fur is so thick and fluffy that the spots are barely visible!”


“It was quite a challenge to find food that meets both my furry friend’s high standards and nutritional needs, but after some trial and error, I finally discovered a high-quality option that she enjoys.”


“She couldn’t care less about catnip!”


Traveling is something that Alice is really passionate about!


She has called four different countries home, including Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Netherlands, and England.


She carries a passport and accompanies me on my flights.


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