“Adorable Kitten with Mustache Steals Hearts of Entire Family This Fall”

One day, a small kitten with a flawless moustache crossed paths with a couple and decided to adopt them as his family. Introducing the charming O’Gringo!


Romain and Sabrine, residing in France, crossed paths with O’gringo when he was a mere three months old. “I attempted to engage with him to establish a bond, and he responded by purring and showering us with affection,” Romain recalled of their initial encounter. This charming British Shorthair with a cinnamon fur coat quickly warmed up to the couple, solidifying their belief that it was fate bringing them together.


When he got to his new place, he was introduced to Romain and Sabrine’s other cat, Milko. The two cats hit it off right away and soon started causing trouble together. Romain described Milko as energetic, cheerful, and with a friendly demeanor. He enjoys playing, scaling the curtains, and bouncing around the house.


One peculiar behavior he has is that he often stands on his hind legs, resembling a meerkat, and can maintain this stance for several minutes at a time.


This tiny feline not only had a bold personality but also a purr that could be heard from miles away. The moment someone showed him some love and affection, his purring engine revved up instantly. (Watch the video below to truly appreciate how loud his purr can get!)


This charming feline is constantly seeking out new adventures and exploring the world around him with curiosity. Alongside his pal Milko, they never fail to provide endless amusement for those in their presence.


Even when O’gringo decides to catch some Z’s, he does it in a stylish manner.


Ever since settling into his new abode, he has embraced his duties as the ultimate house overseer with great dedication.


Milko, a lovable four-year-old cat who was rescued, absolutely loves his new sibling and they have formed an unbreakable bond that keeps them together always.


Check out this cute video featuring him:

This charming cat with a mustache has grown into a handsome feline, capturing my heart with his irresistible charm.


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