“A Surprising Friendship: The Uncommon Alliance of a Domestic Cat and a Wild Lynx”

Cat And Lynx Become Inseparable Friends

A heartwarming friendship has blossomed between a European Lynx and a calico cat who frequently visits her at the Leningrad Zoo, which is known as the oldest zoo in Russia. Since their first encounter, the calico cat has immediately connected with the Lynx, and they have formed an unbreakable bond ever since. Surprisingly, the two animals are now living together at the zoo. According to locals, the calico was previously a stray cat that found food in the lynx’s area. Instead of chasing her away, the lynx welcomed her and they have been inseparable ever since. This relationship seems to be equally valuable to both animals. The zoo officials were touched by their friendship that they decided to adopt the cat and allow her to live with her lynx friend.

Watch this clip:

I am grateful to Life with Cats for publishing this tale.

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